Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking 2 the skies[Michael F.]

I'm looking 2 the skies, Looking 2 the sky 4 angels, Looking 4 them 2 shine the light. I'm looking thru the complications, trying to take them light, looking 4 the time, to make things right. I'm looking 2 the sky, 2 find my way back home, to be that complete guy, much progress I've shown. I know time is not real,so living in the past, I mostly like 2 feel. Oh I'm looking 2 the sky, yearning & learning, Look at me,so hard 2 do, my face...turning. But I'm waking up, welcome 2 the new age, paint it black,paint it red, turn the fucking page! I'm looking 2 the skies!