Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dark End

U & me at the dark end of the street. When u met me I was washed up,,, sorry u met me then,,, don't know what else 2 say, but I tried, I did try then! U took the spark left in me & u crushed it down 2 that "fine powder." And when we hit that" powder" together, U called "ME" down !!! U seem proud,,, I hoped 4 too much again. Now i am done with Love forever! U & me , no more will ever be... at the dark end of the street!!

U Infinity Soul [Michael F.]

Infinity soul,Mad world, always feel u there, I'm much better, as u correct my despair. Was it u,kept me wondering? always on my mind, hope u knew that, I been on your side! We know butterflies fly, why do they fly away? Is it meant to be this way? happening to u this way? Know I been on ur side! How's ur engine running? is ur head coming together? are ur hands getting full? ur body getting stronger? how's ur engine running? U Infinity Soul!!

from Pam 2 Michael F.

I want 2 wake, where u are, take all ur pains away, make them shoot so far, I could do this 2day. u can't ever forget, now I express my wish, totally from the heart. Hit,but no a miss...Still want u 2 break out! It hurts so bad, such a tough time that you've had! Did u come here so much, into this reality here? is this your last blast?To get thru it,much fear. And here u are right in it. I look at u,think of u, so talented & wise having lived many lives. Your tired eyes, working your way home, my heavy heart, down 2 the bone. I want 2 wake up where u are , Take all ur pains away!

Ain't enough [Michael F.]

A drag race a plane crash, or a trip 2 space, is how I felt when u went 2 heaven or some other place. Know that u are incredible! In both my eyes & 2 them up there. So glad u chose 2 come back, more days we can now share! Don't wanna say a word, then again I want 2 scream. Love u so much, here & in my dreams! What can I do? The 2 step? Or the Jig? convulse & loose my pulse? or a hug so BIG ? All ain't enough, ain't enough, ain't enough It ain't alright ,u chained & hanging tough!

Looking 2 the skies[Michael F.]

I'm looking 2 the skies, Looking 2 the sky 4 angels, Looking 4 them 2 shine the light. I'm looking thru the complications, trying to take them light, looking 4 the time, to make things right. I'm looking 2 the sky, 2 find my way back home, to be that complete guy, much progress I've shown. I know time is not real,so living in the past, I mostly like 2 feel. Oh I'm looking 2 the sky, yearning & learning, Look at me,so hard 2 do, my face...turning. But I'm waking up, welcome 2 the new age, paint it black,paint it red, turn the fucking page! I'm looking 2 the skies!

Never A Sunday [Michael F.]

Never a Sunday, as I'm learning to be sure, that I remember everybody, both dishonest & pure. Never a Sunday, as I'm learning to walk, had to turn my ears off, to all the crazy & negative talk. Never a Sunday, as I'm learning to eat. my memory came back, no need to repeat. Never a Sunday, I now breath on my own, can carry my voice, much progress I've shown. It was on a Sunday, I saw u with new eyes. Love is "NOT" blind! so don'T"EVEN" act surprised!! Never a Sunday, I'm working all week, cause I choose "LIFE"! And that "alone" is what I seek!!

Gone [Michael F.]

So now I'm gone, but not yet free, from all these evil deeds, that have been done to me. I've been hurt so much, and shoved all around. Pushed so near the edge , until I "DID" fall down! Lost all material things, during these days with u. most important was my LIFE ! NOW I WILL START ANEW ! First a foundation, a sturdy ground from within. Can't see if I have this, in each attempt my eyes spin. People try to help me, each day i n their way. holding me up a little longer, & 4 a miracle we pray! God knows I need him, to shine his light down on me. I say"I'm trying I'm trying"! [so whole hearted-ly]" Lift me up, lift me up! Have mercy on me! God please help me, I've set my goals on HIGH !

Friday, April 26, 2013


I just don't write anymore, don't know why, life took me over,,, said with a sigh.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'd rather be simple,in every way I can.
It's material possessions,I don't give a damn!
Don't want to worry about bills coming in the mail.
Months go by so fast,can't take it if I fail.
Got some things of course,need a roof overhead.
To stay safe & warm,best of all a bed !
Along with that is simple,to make my life complete,
said in my prayers each night,is to join with one so sweet.
I hope I can also be the one to fill your heart.
Share a peaceful kind of life,
and wild passion from the start !

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Daddy

God saw you were getting tired,and a cure was not to be,
So he put his arms around you, and whispered "come to me".
With tearful eyes we watched you suffer,and saw you fade away,
Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay.
Your golden heart stopped beating,hard working hands put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove,he only takes the best.
It's lonesome here without you,we miss you more each day.
Life doesn't seem to same ,since you have gone away.
When days are sad and lonely,and everything goes wrong,
We seem to hear you whisper,"chin up and carry on".
Each time we see your picture,you seem to smile and say,
"Don't cry,I'm in God's hands,we'll meet again someday"!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

for Mothers Day

I know a Lady, she's 73,
and sweet as apple dumplings.
Seems I Love her more & more,
Oh Boy , she's really something !
I admire how she lives her life,
What Wisdom ! What Wild ways !
There are men who want her for a Wife,
"That's Nice " she always says.
Mom , I just Love to listen to you,
such a friend is a God-send !
Unlike anyone , ever again,
I hope your life will never end !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Cancer

My youthful face has left me.
Same as my happy go lucky heart.
The years keep rolling on,
demanding I take part.
For me to do so,
I gotta feel okay.
But I'm down more & more,
each and every day.
I've changed so very much.
I don't know myself.
Doctors have advised me,
of the end of my good health.
Some family members are gone,
they have found their wings.
I bet they are happy...
I often wonder about these things.
Guess I'll soon be with them,
in the land beyond.
My hope is your memory of me...
will hold a lasting bond !

I am True

I must go on, so I will see,
what God's plan is for me.
I know this everyday,
although the bliss,is faded away.
I struggle thru each day with sorrow,
and always wish for no tomorrow.
That's why I wish I could just die.
I say this with no reason why.
Yes, I must go on...
Lord can't you see ?
To be with you now is so appealing to me!
So then, if I go on...It'll be for you...
That's all there is now !
To my Lord I am true !

Prison Song

On the road to recovery,thats where I'm gonna go.
I'm ready for it now,my heart tells me so.
Changing with the days,and growing spiritually,
Brings joy to my life,It will set me free.
Learning about myself,is part of this too,
My inner voice will help,to guide me through,
Each step I take ,will be done with care,
and it's in each moment,that I'm fully aware.
People in my path, will look different to me,
when I start reaching out,helping them to see.
That life doesn't end,when it's Cancer they say !
It's time to recover...
Where is your will ?
Here is the way !