Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gone [Michael F.]

So now I'm gone, but not yet free, from all these evil deeds, that have been done to me. I've been hurt so much, and shoved all around. Pushed so near the edge , until I "DID" fall down! Lost all material things, during these days with u. most important was my LIFE ! NOW I WILL START ANEW ! First a foundation, a sturdy ground from within. Can't see if I have this, in each attempt my eyes spin. People try to help me, each day i n their way. holding me up a little longer, & 4 a miracle we pray! God knows I need him, to shine his light down on me. I say"I'm trying I'm trying"! [so whole hearted-ly]" Lift me up, lift me up! Have mercy on me! God please help me, I've set my goals on HIGH !